Color Schemes
Professional design begins with a color scheme. Using our design knowledge and years of experience, we develop a personalized
palette of 3 - 5 colors. Once we have created your palette, we're ready to make your room a show place.

    Spin The wheel

Light sources, proven design theories, and your personal style all contribute to creating your personal color palette.

When you color consult with Design on the Line we will implement theories based on color wheel principles, your personal style and the colors currently used in your home (if you want to keep them). We will discover the most effective shades and tints that work with your natural and artificial light sources.

If a focal wall, custom treatment such as patterns and textures are desired, DOTL consultants can collaborate with you to devise the look you're after.

Armed with a color wheel, knowledge of your lighting conditions, and the style you want to create, we will develop a palette that works for your specific project. We can help you determine a focal wall with a coordinating color or pattern or paint treatment and effect.

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